Roofing Insurance Claims

Roof Damage Insurance Claim Process

Our team of in-house and third-party experts consisting of Forensic Engineers, Registered Roof Consultants, Meteorologists, Public Adjusters, and Construction Managers understand these claim dynamics and have a proven track record of successfully assisting property owners to navigate through the complex world of a commercial property claim. K1 Roofing and Restoration, LLC offers a tailored strategy that effectively quantifies your damages and substantiates your claim.  We do this at no cost or obligation to the policy holder by providing any/all of the following, as needed:

Full Site Inspection to Include:
  • Catalog, Photograph and Document
  • Conduct Forensic Investigations to include: Meteorology, Controlled lab testing, and infrared moisture verification
  • Expert Engineering Reports: Forensic, Structural, and Civil
  • Inspect Exterior: Siding, Gutters, Downspouts, and Windows
  • Expert Roof Inspection Reports to include: Weather Reports, 3D Solar Drawings, Skylights, Paint, Fascia, and HVA/C units
  • Infared Moisture Verification
Three Simple Steps to Take
  • Call your insurance company and file your Storm Damage Claim, per the date that your K1 Roofing & Restoration representative recommends.
  • Your insurance company will have an adjuster contact you. Have your insurance adjuster contact us and we will set a date and time to inspect your property.
  • Call K1 Roofing & Restoration with your insurance adjuster’s name and number so we can contact him directly to set up a time for your property inspection. Giving us the opportunity to meet your insurance adjuster will ensure a fair and accurate assessment of the damages as well as expedite the process towards successfully completing all repairs.
Tips On Protecting Your Home & Weathering A Storm
  1. Before a storm hits, gather proof of what you own. This will help the claim go faster and smoother. Hunt down receipts, manuals, canceled checks and credit card summaries of damaged or missing items. Take photos or a video of the outside and inside of your house and keep it updated. In every room, do a slow, 360 degree rotation and narrate everything you see. Download free home inventory software at Store your videos, CD or written inventory in a bank safe deposit box or electronic vault. Make copies for you and the claims adjuster. If you haven’t done an inventory, when a storm hits, take photos of the damage.
  2. Protect your property from further damage. K1 Roofing will help you board up your home and put tarp over punctures in the roof to keep the elements out. You don’t need permission from the insurance company, just save your receipts, including those for “Additional Living Expenses,” if your home isn’t livable and you stay in a hotel and eat out.
  3. Get a witness. Ask a neighbor to walk over and inspect your damage. If your claim is denied, and you wind up in court fighting the insurer, the witness can corroborate things about your house and what damage was done.

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