Disaster Response

Roof Disaster Response Program

No one can afford to have their roof unprotected when disaster strikes whether it’s torrential rains, hail, tornadoes, hurricanes or earthquakes. When it happens, you need an immediate response. That’s why we offer the most sophisticated Disaster Response program in the industry. In a major emergency, either natural or man-made, K1 Roofing has teams nationwide placed on standby notice, ready to dispatch the trained manpower, specialized equipment, materials and other support needed to get customers back in business quickly.

When a roof gets damaged, time is critical. By providing turnkey roofing disaster response services, we are able to restore operations quickly, in the most efficient and cost-effective manner - ultimately reducing business interuption and overall claim.

How does it work?
  • Sign a letter of intent with K1 Roofing to be your contractor to respond to all or a set of facilities in the event of a disaster. An agreed upon 'Not To Exceed' is set.
  • K1Roofing mobilizes prior to the storms based on your needs.
  • Customer communicates which facilities need response and K1 Roofing dispatches crews to arrive as soon as it is safe and accessible.
  • Facilities are inspected and repairs are done up to the NTE. Additional repairs needed are quoted.
  • Comprehensive photo documented reporting with before/after.

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How to get started?

Call K1 Roofing before disaster strikes so you’ll be prepared with a Disaster Response plan – and a team of experts at the ready.

Phone: 303-953-8275
Email: Info@K1Roofing.net