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Fire Concerns for your Roofing in Colorado Springs

February 22, 2017

Having a fire in your home is a scary event for everyone that lives there. Once you know everyone is safe and okay, it becomes time to assess the damage. In some situations, if the fire was contained, just that area will need restored. For others, you may to have all areas of your home looked at, including your roof. In any case you will need to contact your local Colorado Springs roofers to make sure the structure is safe.

Levels of Fire Damage

One of the first levels of damage a fire can do on a home is what the actual fire touches. Not only will it burn parts of your home, but can be dangerous moving forward. Next, smoke damage is also a concern. You may notice the smell of the smoke for quite some time in every area of your home. It can also ruin walls, furniture and other parts of your home. The last level is water damage. When the fire department is working to put out the fire in your home, it will help eliminate the fire, however, can damage everything that it touches. Plus, if not dried properly, can lead to mold growth fairly quickly.

Post-Fire To Dos

Once the fire has been put out and you and your family is safe, you can move on to the next steps to the restoration of your home. One of your first priorities is to contact your insurance agent to file a claim. During this process, you will inform them of everything that was damaged or destroyed in the fire. It will help you immensely if you have a home inventory prepared ahead of time that you can quickly pass over to your insurance agent. This should include important identification or serial numbers listed on those items, when necessary. For help creating your inventory, read U.S. News’ Why You Need a Home Inventory Checklist. After this step you can work towards the restoration of your home. You can also review FEMA’s After the Fire! Returning to Normal checklist for important next steps.  

Roofing Concerns

In some instances, it will be obvious that you roof will need repairs, whether it was damaged by the fire or the fire department had to cut a hole in the roof. This is typically done for ventilation or to make sure the fire is out of the space. In others, it may look sound, but the fire may have damaged the structure of your roof. The structure may have suffered that will lead to long term problems if not handled properly. In these cases, it is best to make sure the area is inspected and repaired.

When it comes to any of your roof repairs, K1 Roofing and Restoration can help. Review our guide on how to file an insurance claim for damaged Denver roofing to get started with a claim. We are here to help. Contact us today to get a quote and ensure the safety of your home’s roof.