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Denver Roofing Pros: Are Your Gutters in Good Condition?

January 25, 2016

Have you looked at your gutters recently? Maybe when you were hanging holiday lights or cleaning out the fall leaves for the winter, you may have noticed some wear and tear. You may not know this but, gutters are more significant to the structural integrity of your home that you think. Gutters are essential in transportation of melting snow and rain water away from the building. In doing so, it reduces the possibilities of leaks, flooding, and even structural damage. When you have an inefficient, clogged or damaged gutter, it is then important to deal with the problem as quickly as possible. Pay attention to the signs that your gutter is not working properly. In the event that it isn’t working efficiently, then it may need to be replaced. Let’s take a closer look:

Lack of Drainage

If the gutter looks like it is drooping or being pulled away from your home or commercial property, you should be concerned. It is likely that your gutter is not fulfilling its purpose of draining water and moving it away from the building. This is one of the easiest warning signs that something is wrong. Most times, this will occur due to water filled up in the gutter, which means it is not draining properly.

The Rust

You may have to climb up on the roof with a ladder to see visible rust in your gutter. However, it will do more good than harm to take a closer look. If you notice any type of rust, it is time to contact a professional roofer. Why? Well, rust will indicate that subsequent cracks will form and then holes in the gutter, causing spills before the water reaches the end of the downspout. Many homeowners are opting for aluminum gutters to avoid the problems of rusty gutters.

Water Damage

If you notice water marks or water damage on the interior or exterior of your house, you may want to call in a professional roofer to have an assessment done. Watermarks may mean that your gutter is not working properly. Even worse, improperly working gutters can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage if they flood the attic or end up causing a basement leak. Leaks inside the house could be as a result of problems with the roof. If you have a clogged or damaged gutter, it means that you may likely see standing water on a flat surface on top of the roof. Oftentimes, this can result in shingle damage. If this happens, then the water could leak through the roof and subsequently damage the foundation.

Cracks in the Gutter

If you can identify small cracks in your gutter, it may require your immediate attention. The force released by running water could cause a small crack to get bigger. While you can use roofing cement or repair tape to temporarily fix the problem, soon enough, the crack will get larger. So, it is better to replace it – once and for all.

Is your gutter in good condition? When was the last time you had this checked? Allow the specialists at K1 Roofing help you. Call us at 303-335-7370 to discuss all your roofing and gutter needs and let the experts answer your questions.