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Understanding Siding: Denver Roofers Explain Material Options

December 21, 2016

Having updated siding installed on the exterior of your home can improve the stability, appearance, and value overall. However, you often must choose from many options when determining which particular siding material to use. If you are interested in having a roofing company in Denver install siding on your home, you should learn about the siding materials available with your local roofing companies.


The majority of local  roofing companies will be able install vinyl siding. Many people appreciate vinyl due to the versatility of the many available styles. You can choose from a diverse range of materials, colors, and design patterns. Common design styles of vinyl siding include double lap, triplelap, dutchlap, and triple clapboard. Your roofing experts can provide an extensive list of options, describe the features of each option, and enable you to determine which style of vinyl siding is most appropriate for your aesthetic preferences and functional needs.  Additionally, vinyl is one of the most affordable of all siding materials because of the easy manufacturing and installation processes. You can have attractive and high-quality siding installed in a short amount of time and for a very reasonable price.


The hard surface and rigidity of steel comes with exceptional durability. For instance, steel is highly water resistant, which prevents your walls from experiencing moisture damage from rain or leaks. The durability of steel is especially beneficial in Colorado, where storms often consist of heavy loads of rain or snow, powerful gusts of wind, and intense hailstorms. Whereas inclement weather and extreme storms can damage most materials, steel can generally withstand the force of storms without incurring too much damage or become dislodged. Steel can also prevent fading over time, which further enhances the durability and longevity of your siding. As a cost-effective material, your local roofers may recommend steel siding as opposed to another option like fiber cement or cultured stone.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement has been rapidly emerging as one of the premier options for siding among homeowners due to the quality and appearance of the material. Fiber cement siding often reflects the appearance of wood planks or shingles.  However, whereas traditional wood can be difficult to maintain and is vulnerable to incur fire damage, fiber cement is flame-resistant, and will not serve as a fire hazard for your family. Fiber cement also allows your home to keep a rustic feel of wood without the intense maintenance demands and danger. Additionally, fiber cement comes in a wide variety of colors, which allow you to choose a color that matches the other features of your landscape and the surrounding environment in your neighborhood.   

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