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Benefits of Single Ply for Denver Commercial Roofs

Installing and maintaining a strong roof for your commercial building can strengthen the integrity of your building and protect your supplies from destructive leaks. However, you often must determine which type of roof is most conducive for your particular building.  Single ply roofing has emerged as the premier choice for commercial buildings. If you are interested in having a commercial roof installed or upgraded, you should learn about the many benefits of using single ply roofing for your commercial roof.  
  • Installation
The best Denver roofing companies can quickly and effectively install single ply membranes for commercial roofs. Most commercial buildings are relatively large. Because installing a rising slope roof over a vast structure can be a difficult and time-consuming process, many building owners prefer flat roofs that are easy for professionals to install in a short amount of time. The ability of the flat roofs to hide the roofing material can also highlight and accentuate the storefronts, windows, entry ways, and signs of your building.  

Whereas traditional asphalt roofing shingles are generally not compatible for low slope or flat roofs, single ply membranes are highly effective for large commercial buildings with flat roofs. The experts can quickly provide the necessary materials, install the roofing structure, and use the membranes to cover large buildings. Additionally, using single ply membranes is also one of the most affordable options for covering a large and flat commercial roof. As a result, single ply is an effective and convenient method for installing or upgrading a commercial roof.  
  • Protection
The single ply membranes can also protect your Denver commercial roof from damages. The strong membranes can remain intact, tightly seal the structure of the building, and avoid becoming cracked or dislodged from powerful storms. Roofing experts can also install drainage systems onto the flat single ply roof to further protect your building from leaks. Several drains can help single ply roofs shed excess water and prevent standing pools of water from accumulating on the roofs. For instance, the professionals can install scupper drains, inner drains, and overflow drainage systems. Additionally, the experts can also add insulation and waterproof materials to the membranes during the installation process. The durability of the single ply membranes and the efficacy of the drainage systems can significantly enhance the stability and safety of your building.      
  • Flexibility
K1 Roofing can provide many flexible single ply membrane options from which you can choose. For example, you can select from thermoplastic materials, thermoset materials, and a diverse range of chemicals when choosing your ideal single ply membranes. Many different materials can also be used for reinforcement layers of the single ply roofs. Common materials used for reinforcement layers include glass fiber, polyester fabrics, and felt or fleece backing materials. The experts can also implement many different design patterns and roofing styles when installing or replacing your roof. The flexibility of options is highly appealing for many building owners. The experts should provide you a comprehensive list of options, articulate the features of each option, and allow you to determine which particular materials and styles would be most appropriate for your building and for your budget.   

Contact K1 Roofing to install your commercial roof. Our expert staff has over 20 years of experience and is revered for providing superior and customized roofing services throughout the Denver area. We can handle any of your roofing needs, we have access to the best roofing materials available, and we would be happy to install or upgrade your commercial roof to maximize the quality and appearance of your building.