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Replacing Your Home’s Siding in Colorado Springs

Storms are all too common in Colorado. That’s why homeowners need to regularly check their siding after big storms. Siding can be damaged by heavy rains and hail. Roofing companies in Denver and Colorado Springs will gladly come and inspect your siding, and even help you handle an insurance claim if your siding needs to be repaired after a major storm.
Left untreated, damaged siding can cause big problems for your home. It can lead to the presence of mold and mildew, caulking failures, seams separating, warped boards that ruin the look of your home, and moisture causing damage inside your home.
There are several different types of siding, and you will want to consider what kind of siding you would like to match the look of your home before you ask someone to install new siding. Siding can change your home’s appearance drastically, so take your time before you make a decision. Aesthetics are important to many homeowners. See a lot of the different things you can do with vinyl siding, for instance, by looking at the photo gallery.
Once you know what look you would like as far as materials, colors, and textures, factor in other important considerations.
For example, are you struggling with your energy bill? Installing energy saving siding could save you a lot of money on your power bill. This is especially great if you already have or are considering solar panels. Waste less energy by helping your house regulate its own temperature with good siding.
To avoid wasting money on new siding every few years, make sure you get siding that is at least moderately water resistant. Persistent rains wreak havoc on siding if it is not water resistant. This will prevent your siding from the paint peeling off or blistering, as well as pieces falling off of your home. That would damage your wallet as well as the look of your home.
Also consider whether or not you want to upgrade your siding. You could simply have your siding replaced with the same materials it had originally, which will meet your exterior needs and likely save you on labor. However, there are many benefits to upgrading your siding to a better system, including:
  • Less painting in the future
    • High-quality siding does not require paint every year like some sidings do
  • Better water resistance
    • Water resistance is important if you do not want to replace your siding often
  • Improved sun resilience
    • Sun damage can causing blistering or peeling - quality siding doesn’t face that
  • Help maintaining home’s value
    • Both the appearance and the quality of the siding increases its value
  • Increased energy efficiency
    • Save quite a bit of money on energy bills by choosing energy-efficient siding
Once you have factored in all your wants and needs when it comes to your new siding, contact us at K1 Roofing and Restoration. We are a professional roofing company that offers high-quality siding services to residents of both Denver and Colorado Springs. Get in touch with us to schedule your free inspection, and see how we can help you beautify your home!