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Have a Denver Roofing Company Install Energy-Efficient Windows

Many energy-efficient projects end up paying for themselves in the long run, and windows are no exception. Having your local Denver roofing company install energy-efficient windows has a number of benefits, most notably reduced heating, cooling, and lighting costs. Good windows let in a lot of light without allowing the outside temperature to seep into your home, forcing you to use more energy on regulating the temperature than would be necessary with energy-efficient windows.
Not all projects are equal. To pick the perfect windows for your home, you will need an expert to come to your home and evaluate the best options for you. Location of both the windows and the building are important factors in judging which energy-efficient window options are best.
Another important factor is whether or not you have solar panels on your home. Solar energy allows people to control their electricity costs by generating electricity through the rays of the sun. If your home has solar panels installed, it is important to pick windows that will complement the function of your solar panels, not contradict them.
Here are some guidelines to give you an idea of what you may need before you call a Denver roofing expert to help with your window installation:
  • South-Facing Windows in Heat-Dominated Climates - These windows need to maximize heat absorption during winter, when the sun is low in the sky. At the same time, they need to be shaded for the summer months, when the sun is high in the sky, to prevent too much heat from leaking into your home. The windows also need to have the potential to let in a light of sunlight during daylight hours so a person does not need to use their lights while the sun is out.
  • East- and West-Facing Windows in Heat-Dominated Climates - It is difficult to control the temperature or the light levels on east- and west-facing windows, especially during the winter months when the sun is low in the sky. Therefore, they should be shaded to aid in temperature control, but positioned well enough that they will still let in the maximum amount of light.
  • North-Facing Windows in Cooling-Dominated Climates - In these climates, north-facing windows are the preference, while south-facing windows need to be shaded generously to help maintain heating and cooling stability.
There are four different types of glazing that can help homeowners keep a handle on their temperature control via energy-efficient windows: Low-e coatings, tinted glass, reflective coatings, and spectrally selective coatings. Learn more about Window Types to help you make an informed decision.
K1 Roofing is a professional roofing company local to Denver and Colorado Springs. If you feel your house could use some new, energy-efficient windows or some improvements to your current windows to make them better able to conserve energy, contact us as soon as you’re ready to begin the process. You can view more of our Windows services on our website to help you make an informed decision before contacting us.