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How to File an Insurance Claim For Damaged Denver Roofing

October 12, 2016

Has your roofing been damaged because of extreme weather conditions such as wind or hail? If so, it’s important that you begin the process of filing an insurance claim in order to swiftly have your Denver roofing repaired. But where do you begin? Follow these steps to ensure you are filing a correct insurance claim:

Check what your insurance covers

Every insurance policy is different, so before you begin, check yours to see what’s covered when it comes to your roof.  Most policies offer different coverage depending on the age of your roof or the factors that caused the damage. For example, a policy may agree to pay for a roof that was damaged in a hailstorm, but not one that has worn down due to age. Learn more about how to identify hail damage on your home’s roof.

Schedule an on-site inspection

Before you file an insurance claim, it’s essential that you have a roofing professional complete an inspection of your roof. During this inspection, the Denver roofing professional will document and photograph any damage that has been done. The inspection should look at every part of the roof including the siding, gutters, downspouts and windows. Tests will also be run to determine the extent of the damage done. Once the inspection is complete, the roofing professional will be able to recommend whether or not he or she believes you should move forward with filing an insurance claim.

File a claim

If your Denver roofing professional has determined that the damage justifies filing an insurance claim, then it’s time to do so. Most insurance companies allow you to file claims online or over the phone, so check your policy to see what options are available to you. As you file the claim, the insurance company representative will probably ask you for the date the damage occurred and any documentation that you may have. Provide the insurance company with the inspection report from the Denver roofing professional that will include details about the damage and photographs.

Talk to the insurance adjuster

Once you’ve officially filed the claim, your insurance company will put you in contact with an insurance adjuster. This individual will ask to come to your home to inspect the roof on behalf of the insurance company. It’s important you arrange a time where the adjuster and Denver roofing professional that originally inspected your roof can meet together at your home. That way, the roofing professional will be able to take charge of the meeting and show the insurance adjuster exactly where the damage occurred and why the claim is justified.

After an adjuster inspects your home, the insurance company will process all of the information and determine whether or not to cover the cost of repairs. A number of factors can affect the status of your claim including but not limited to the extent of the damage, quality of the roofing material and quality of roof construction.

If you need assistance filing a Denver roofing insurance claim, there’s no better place to turn to than K1 Roofing. Contact us at or by calling 303-953-8275 during business hours to speak to one of our experienced roofing professionals.