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What to Expect During a Full Site Inspection from a Colorado Springs Roofer

October 5, 2016

There are situations that occur that you can’t really be prepared for, no matter how careful you are with protecting your roof. Storms happen in the blink of an eye, even with all the new weather radar technology. When you find yourself needing roof repairs in Colorado Springs, here are the necessary steps to secure your home and contact your insurance agent. You also need to arrange a professional inspection of the damage to your roof to begin an insurance claim. Roofing companies in Colorado Springs will send an expert out to survey the destruction and perform a series of tests to help you accurately file a claim, at no cost to you. These inspections can be lengthy and involve a lot of testing, as thoroughness is important; here’s what you can expect to see done during this time:


The site inspector will carefully catalogue, photograph, and write down all of the damages to your roof, home, and yard. Having proper and timely documentation of the important elements of destruction will strengthen your insurance claim and protect you from having to pay for products or services that your insurance company should cover.

Forensic Investigations

Specific, scientific testing will be done to determine the exact cause and severity of damage, including meteorology and infrared moisture verification in controlled lab testing. Infrared moisture verification, also known as “core cuts,” helps determine the amount of water present in certain areas of the roof after a weather incident. Core samples are extracted from these areas, involving cutting through the roof surface down to the roof bottom, or deck. These samples allow for the exact verification of moisture content, thereby determining the condition of the entire roof system.

Engineering Reports

Your roofing professional will produce forensic, structural, and civil engineering reports to evaluate where and how the roof system failed. These reports are vital to effectively repairing your roof. Forensic engineering uses engineering principles to target any performance issues; structural engineering examines the stability and strength of your home and roof; and civil engineering takes into consideration the design and overall construction.

Exterior Inspection

The roof isn’t the only area that may have been affected by a storm. Your siding, gutters, downspouts, skylights, fascia, paint, HVAC units, and windows are also vulnerable to violent weather and need to be inspected.

Roof Inspection Reports

The final analysis will include the aforementioned test results and reports. A team of experts will gather and organize all documentation to present for your insurance claim. The best roofing companies can also provide assistance in guiding you through this claims process, which can be complex and involved.

K1 Roofing and Restoration provides a strategy tailored to quickly quantify any damage to your roof and home. We also have extensive experience in filing insurance claims, speaking with insurance adjusters, and ensuring you are reimbursed for damages that your insurance policy covers. If you suffer storm or any other sort of roof damage, contact us right away at 719-659-9742, or on our emergency line at 303-335-7370, to help start your repair and claim process.