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What Goes into Selecting a Good Roofing System in Denver?

August 24, 2016

When it is time to choose a roof, there are specific things to think about. For one, the choice of material is the first priority and worth serious consideration. The most popular materials include concrete, asphalt, composite shingles, clay tiles, and slate shingles. In addition, the homeowner should consider installation, product cost, and the weight of the material.

Starting the Roofing System
To start the roofing system, the professional will think about the square. Instead of square footage, this is the term used by roofers to reference the measurement. One square equals to 100 square feet, which is a 10 feet by 10 feet square. For instance, a house with 2,000 square footage of space with a gable rooftop could have about 1,500 square feet or 15 squares of roofing area. The slope and pitch must be taken into consideration when calculating the measurement.

The Cost
Cost is going to have to be another consideration. Why? It will affect the type of roof that you will select. Denver roofing specialists understand that the price of the material has a lot to do with the roofing cost. Secondly, the roofer has to look at the condition of the roof as it is now. If the roof is damaged, then certain areas have to be stripped and the structure may need to be repaired.

Additional Considerations
The entire roof may also have to be replaced. A roof with fewer cracks in its panes such as chimneys and vent pipes will be easier to repair. A roofing professional from a Denver roofing company would be able to answer questions on flat roof systems or siding options. A home with an intersecting roof line, skylight, multiple chimneys, and turrets will certainly incur additional cost.

Roofing Material
Yes, the roofing material will be an important factor in making your choice. If the roof has a steeper pitch, there will be a different material choice in comparison to a roof with a flat or small slope. You have to also consider that if you were to choose slate or tile, then these would be quite heavy. For that reason, your house may be unable to support this kind of roofing material.

The Roof Color
Even with the eye of a trained professional, the roof color selection may be complicated and need your input, especially if you are going to replace the roof. You have to be involved in the selection process. For many homeowners, this is a welcomed choice to making a noticeable change. Here are some tips in choosing the appropriate color.
Be sure to have a discussion with your roofing contractor about which colors will match the color scheme of the home’s structure. More than likely, an experienced roofer will allow the homeowner to choose from the available portfolio of materials. Most roofers will also discuss the aesthetic impact of each roofing material.

The Flashing

No matter what you decide on, you are going to require flashing on the roof, especially when the roof has a masonry chimney or an intersection of shingles. It is a critical aspect of the exterior siding or roof work when the roofer adds flashing, which is made of metals such as aluminum, plastic film, copper, or lead. Flashing ensures that the roof’s structure is watertight.

If you want to improve curb appeal, replacing the roof is one way to do so. You can work with your roofing contractor to come up with appealing ideas, choosing the one that suits you. For roof replacement or repair, contact K1 Roofing today to discuss your roofing needs. Contact us for more information on replacing or repairing your Colorado Springs roofing system.