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Does Your Denver Roofing Need Insulation?

August 17, 2016

Many residential property owners add insulation to their roofs to reduce heat loss during the winter months and increase the efficiency of cooling systems during the summer. How can you tell if your Denver roofing needs insulation? Follow these tips:

Check the attic.
Does your home have an attic? Sometimes, you can tell whether your Denver roofing is in need of insulation just by walking through the attic. First, take a look around to see if you notice any moisture during the hot summer months. When a roof is poorly insulated, the heat outside can lead to condensation on the inside. Some homeowners may notice that there is moisture even though they already had insulation installed. This could be a sign of a poor insulation job or damaged materials. If you see any moisture, it’s time to call a roofing professional to add insulation.

Look for ice dams.
Ice dams are areas of thick ice patches that collect at the edge of a roof and block water from draining off of the roof. When water becomes trapped behind an ice dam, it can eventually become so heavy that it begins to leak into your home. Because of this, ice dams should be avoided at all costs, and they can be with proper insulation. During a snowstorm, if heat is escaping through the roof because of poor insulation, the temperature of the rising heat will melt snow. This melted snow travels down the roof, freezing again on the lower ridges of the roof, causing ice dams. If you notice a buildup of ice dams, remove them as quickly as possible and call a Denver roofing professional to add insulation.

Talk to neighbors.
It can be difficult for you to tell whether your heating and cooling bill is abnormally high. After all, you have nothing to compare it to besides previous months’ bills. Talk to your neighbors about their average heating and cooling costs per month and see if yours falls within the same range. If it doesn’t, this is a telltale sign of heat loss, most likely through the roof. In fact, 25% of lost heat in a home escapes through the roof, so this could be a major cause of your skyrocketing energy bills.

Get an energy audit.
Some homeowners opt to get a professional energy audit to determine whether or not their roofs need insulation. The most common type of energy audit, the blower door test, is done to determine whether there are significant air leakages throughout the home, including in the roof. If the professional auditor does find that you are losing massive amounts of energy, adding insulation to your Denver roofing may help you conserve this energy. Learn more about home energy audits and whether this is a logical first step for you.

Does your Denver roofing need insulation? If you’re in need of a residential or commercial roofing professional, there’s no better place to turn to than K1 Roofing. Contact us at or by calling 303-953-8275 during business hours to speak to one of our experienced roofing professionals.