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What a Solar Energy Systems can do for Your Commercial Roofing in Denver

August 3, 2016

Colorado is one of the sunniest states in the US, making it one of the best locations to harness solar energy. It also has strong renewable portfolio standards (RPS) that require qualified retail utilities to generate 30 percent of their electrical energy from renewable sources such as recycled energy or synthetic gas by 2020. Having professional Denver roofing companies install solar energy roof systems on commercial buildings is a wise investment strategy, with many operational and financial benefits for your business.

What is a solar energy system?
Solar photovoltaic panels (solar PVs) are a newer clean energy trend that convert solar energy into direct current electricity; the solar cells create and store usable solar power. Their price has plummeted in recent years due to more efficient manufacturing and technology. More interest in using energy-efficient technology has led to more suppliers providing these panels, a factor that has also helped reduce costs and make solar PVs a good investment option for commercial buildings. They’re more expensive to install than other energy systems initially, but the long-term investment can help your company lock in lower and more predictable energy prices.

Government financial incentives
The solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) supports the profusion of solar energy use in the US at a federal level. It’s a 30 percent tax credit for the cost of solar systems installed on commercial properties and will exist at least through 2023. Each state and local utilities have additional incentive programs to encourage businesses to develop long-term energy-saving strategies. Combining these federal and state incentive programs ensures that there are several ways to reduce the cost of solar equipment and panel installation. Colorado has streamlined its permitting processes, meaning it’s fast and easy to get approved for a system.

Building operating costs
Your corporate utility costs will decrease over time to the point where the amount you save will pay for the system and its installation many times over. You’ll also be protected from the fluctuations of the power utilities, whose rates are notorious for changing drastically with the seasons and their respective amounts of general energy consumption. By having your commercial building produce its own electricity, you avoid this pitfall and stabilize your energy use. You’ll know exactly how much energy you use each month, leading to more fixed, manageable operating expenses.

Maintenance and reliability
One of the biggest pluses to solar energy systems is how quietly they operate. Creating virtually no noise, these systems also require little upkeep. The panels themselves are also durable, encased in tempered glass that protects them from weather such as rain, hail, and snow.

The experts at K1 Roofing provide turnkey energy services to engineer and construct your rooftop solar system, ensuring the building’s system will have optimum performance for years to come. With 33 years of experience, we guarantee our work and provide long-term solar energy system maintenance. Contact us today at 303-335-7370 to request a quote and get professional advice about your commercial solar installation needs.