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Denver Roofing Pro Tip: Keep Gutters Clean

July 13, 2016

Sometimes it may seem like your list of household chores is never-ending. But, if you do decide to cut corners, there’s one task that you should never skip according to Denver roofing professionals: cleaning your gutters. Clogged gutters are not only unsightly, but they also lead to these serious damages:

Foundation damage.
Foundation damage is perhaps the most serious effect of clogged gutters. To understand why foundation damage can occur with clogged gutters, you must first understand the role of gutters in Denver roofing. When water falls onto the roof, it slides down into the gutter, which then directs it towards the ground, draining it away from the home’s foundation. However, when the gutter is clogged, water cannot drain the way it is intended to and therefore spills over the gutter, building up on the side of the home. When you wait to call a Denver roofing professional for repairs, this build up can lead to mold and even worse, cracks in the foundation.

Wood damage.
What typically holds gutters in place? Wood, and when it is constantly exposed to water that is not draining because of a clogged gutter, this wood can begin to slowly rot. If your home also has wood siding, the effects of water damage can extend even further, causing this area to deteriorate as well. Although a clogged gutter is an easy fix that can be done on your own, if you let clogged gutters damage other areas of your Denver roofing, you’ll need to call a professional for assistance.

Ice Dams.
If you enter the winter months with clogged gutters, there’s a good chance your Denver roofing will develop ice dams. These troublesome ice dams can form when clogged gutters prevent melted snow from draining off of the roof properly. As ice and water builds up on the roof as a result of clogged gutters, your Denver roofing is at risk of developing leaks. When the water does finally make its way underneath the roof’s shingles, it will leak into your home, causing interior damage, too. Prevent this from occurring by regularly cleaning your gutters, especially before and during the winter months. In winter, don’t spring a leak because of ice dams with these tips.

Landscaping destruction.
Homeowners often decorate the edges of their homes with beautiful, blooming flower beds, unfortunately these are typically placed right underneath gutters. That means when your gutter becomes clogged and unable to drain water properly, the water can easily spill over the sides and onto your landscaping. Over time, this spillage can cause serious damage to the landscaping that you’ve worked so hard on around your home. Instead of allowing this to occur, call a Denver roofing professional for help with gutter repairs or replacements.

If your gutters are already damaged, it’s always best to turn to the professionals. If you’re in need of a residential or commercial Denver roofing professional, there’s no better place to turn to than K1 Roofing. Contact us at or by calling 303-953-8275 during business hours to speak to one of our experienced roofing professionals.