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Preparing to Replace Your Business and Commercial Roofing in Denver

August 9, 2017

Over time, a commercial building will have the standard wear and tear that a residential will. In some cases, a building may not have the same attention given to it the way a homeowner typically would for their own. Business owners should make their commercial roofing in Denver a priority as it is the structure that is a key piece to the overall health of your establishment. Learn more about when it is time to replace a commercial roof, the considerations you will need to make, and preparing for the replacement.

When is it Time to Replace a Commercial Roof?

As a business owner with a commercial building, it is important to inspect your roof throughout the year. You will want to check for any leaks, cracks or damage to flashing, as well as any other damage or wear and tear. You will also need to look at and interior damage, condition of the roof’s membrane, and any structural issues. While small fixes can be changed, when there is extensive wear, storm damage, or a roof nearing its 20-year mark, it is time to consider replacing a commercial roof.

Considerations to Make

When you will be putting a new roof on your business, it is a fresh start. It is the key opportunity to assess what needs you have and what other benefits certain types of materials will have. One consideration many business owners make is whether or not you should tear off or roof over. Ideally, you will want to just tear off and start fresh. Review this guide on what you need to know about tearing off roofing in Colorado Springs. When putting on a new roof, you will want to consider the weather your business endures each year, the overall appearance and what can be seen by customers, what problems are there and if there is anything else you need to do. For a deeper look into materials, visit Roofpedia and check out roof types and speak with your local roofing company on what options will best serve your business.

Preparing for the Replacement

Once you are ready to replace your roof, talk to your roofer on what the process will be like. Can you and your employees work in the building during the process? What hours will they be there? What will be needed of you? If working at the establishment during the process, It is important to create a plan for employees and customers. Depending on the type of business you have, you may want to allow employees to work from their home or another location. If you have a business that brings in customers, consider adding special deals or services to accommodate for any distractions there may be by the noise of the job. Remember—it is a small amount of time for long term gains. Do not put off roof replacement due to it being an inconvenience, as it can lead to long term damage in other areas.

When it comes to new roof construction for your commercial business, K1 Roofing and Restoration has your new roof construction needs covered. For more information, call us today at 303-953-8275.