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Top Warning Signs Your Denver Roofing is Ailing

July 19, 2017

As a homeowner or business owner, it is important to know what signs to look out for when it comes to your roof. When your roof begins to have problems, it can spiral into other issues around the building, too. You must know what the warning signs and when to take action. You will thank yourself for the dollars you will save long-term. Learn about the top key tell-tale signs your roof is going downhill, go-to interior warnings that may let you know your roof is struggling, and your next steps on fixing your Denver roofing.

Tell-Tale Signs

In order to notice the tell-tale signs your roof has an issue, it is important to inspect it a few times a year. On top of this, if your area experiences inclement weather, you will want to check the roof once it is safe to make sure it did not sustain damage. When inspecting, your first area to look at are the shingles. If any shingles are missing, buckling, curling, or damaged, you will need to get those fixed as soon as you can. Next, look at the flashing around the chimney or corners. This helps to keep water out of these areas which can be detrimental to a structure if broken. Also, look for areas of sitting water, and growing moss or algae. You will want to remove that but also ask your roofer if it is a sign of a bigger issue. Last, keep in mind that a roof will need to be replaced at least once every 20 years. Once you hit the 15-year mark, it is really time to start paying attention as you will most likely need to replace it. You can see the extent of postponing contacting a roofer in Good Housekeeping’s eight warning signs that your roof is shot.

Interior Signs

As you do your roofing inspections, do not forget to inspect inside too. There are a few signs that will let you know that you are have an issue. One of the first signs to look out for are water spots on the walls or ceiling on the highest level of the home or business. This is a sign that water is coming from a higher surface, and if not fixed, can lead to the growth of mold. This can take a structural issue to a health concern for your family or customers. Next, check the highest floor or attics for light shining through. This could be from missing shingles or other elements. With direct access of outside factors being able to come into your home or business, you do not know what could happen. This is something that needs to be fixed as quickly as possible.

Next Steps

Once you notice any of these warning signs about your roofing, calling an expert is key. In many cases, the insurance you have purchased to protect your home or business may cover some or all of the damage as well—which helps your overall budget. Regardless, you must act quickly.

If you are wondering more about what to do with your ailing roof, K1 Roofing and Restoration’s roofing resources will help give you a step-by-step walkthrough of the different types of issues and solutions. To see what we can do for your home or business, call us at 303-953-8275. Be sure to keep our number in your contacts list as it is also a 24-hour emergency line as well.