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Your Seasonal Commercial or Residential Denver Roofing Inspection Checklist

July 5, 2017

Whether you are a business owner or homeowner, the structure of your home or building is a top priority. Ensuring your roof is in good condition is one of the areas to review during your seasonal checks on your building or home’s structure. Not sure where to begin? Learn the reasons why you should routinely inspect your roof, a checklist of areas you need to review and when to hire an expert to handle any Denver roofing fixes or replacements.

Why You Should Routinely Inspect Your Roof

While you only need professional inspections of your home or business’ roof every three to five years, you should be checking it more often. In fact, you should be inspecting your home a couple times a year. There are many factors that can impact a roof. A roof that is older may not be able to stand up to harsh weather as good as it once did, leading to damage in just one season. Or, even if you have a new roof, an accident can happen and it is best to find and fix quickly before it creates a larger problem. Plus, your roof also needs maintenance as well. It is important to check your roof two to four times a year. Ideally with each season. If your area has inclement weather, be sure to check your roof immediately after,once the outdoors are safe.

Reviewing and Cleaning Checklist

There are a few areas you will want to inspect when looking at your roof. Are there are cracking, buckling, or missing shingles? Is the flashing in good condition, or are there breaks or holes that could lead to an interior water leak? Is there any mold or moss growing on the roof? Are all the seals in good condition? In addition to reviewing the outside, it is also important to inspect indoor elements. On the highest floor of your home or business, look for signs of a water leak. You will know by seeing rings around the ceiling or walls. In some cases, water begins to trickle down the wall leading to bubbling or chipping. You should also look for signs of light or air that is coming through. Going back outdoors, you will need to make sure the gutters are cleaned so there is no dirt or debris sitting in them that can deter them from doing their job or breaking. In addition to checking your roof, it’s also a good time for a spring cleaning: a checklist for homeowners from Stowe Today!

Hiring an Expert

No matter if you think your roof has damage, you should have a professional inspect it every three to five years. During your own routine inspections, if you see anything that creates a giant “X” on your reviewing checklist, an expert can assess the situation. Whether it is a simple fix or something larger, this is the time to let the professionals work to keep your home or business’ structure intact! When a roof or gutters are not doing their job, it can lead to structural or even foundational issues—which is more money coming out of your pocket or your company’s budget.
When inspecting your home, you may also notice damage to siding. Learn more about replacing your home’s siding in Colorado Springs on what to do. No matter if your home or business is ready for a professional to come in, K1 Roofing and Restoration has you covered. Contact us at 303-953-8275 to get started.