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What You Need to Know About Windows from Your Front Range Roofing Company

July 12, 2017

The windows in your home serve an important purpose. They not only let beautiful light inside, windows are one of the key protectors from outdoor elements, including keeping air and water out. As your windows age, they become less and less efficient, which can become costly to your utility bills. Once this happens, it is time to start evaluating if you should have a Front Range roofing company inspect them for repair or possibly even replacement. Learn more about the types and styles of windows, annual maintenance tips and the ins and outs of replacing your windows.  

Types and Styles

There are a variety of styles of windows you can have in your home. One of the benefits of working with a roofer on a project with your windows is to find sets that better work for the areas in your home if you would like to change things up that are a better fit. In the eight types of windows from HGTV, double-hung windows are one of the most popular. They are the ones that are split vertically that you can slide up. You can also install slider windows that open horizontally. But have you ever wanted other ideas? If you have a great view but do not need them to open? Consider a picture window. These are floor to ceiling windows that let your view take over for your décor. For a similar feature that opens, try an awning window, which opens outward.  

Annual Maintenance Tips

Homeowners should clean the outside of their windows at least twice per year. This is best to remove all dirt and debris from them—but it will also help keep for great appearances inside and outside too! For the inside of your home, you can clean your windows during your normal routine weekly cleaning. When cleaning windows outside, make sure you are not using any harmful or abrasive materials that would harm their exterior. It is best to work with your local roofer to determine the best type of cleaning solvents. This is especially true for windows with wood around their exterior. Often, a warm water and soap mixture is best for the framing around the window.


Are you noticing your heating and cooling bills are higher than usual? This is one sign that you might have air leaking in that is causing it to run more than usual. You can always put things to the test by going around to see if you can tell if any windows are leaking air. Other signs that your windows need replaced are more obvious, such as when their framing begins to crack or warp. If you endure severe weather that has damaged siding or other areas of your home, as your roof and siding is inspected for damage, do not forget to have your windows inspected too.
When it comes to residential window installation, K1 Roofing can assist with not only new window replacement, but a variety of other window essentials too! We can assist with window screening, enclosures, door replacement and window tinting. As you work through your spring and summer home maintenance, contact us at 303-953-8275 to start on your window replacement project.