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Historic Home Roof Repair in Denver and When to Replace

June 21, 2017

As with anything that ages, routine maintenance is needed to maintain quality - and your home is no different. One crucial area of your home which directly affects the foundation and structure to your home your roof's condition. Leaks, cracks, damaged or missing shingles, gutter damage and other issues impact the entire house—not just the top level of the home. It is best to have a roofing expert in Denver inspect your home to ensure the quality of your roof is in good condition. Learn about typical roof issues on older homes, maintenance and DIY tips you can do on your own and when to call the professionals to handle roof repair or replacement.

Roof Issues on Older Homes

A rule of thumb many roofing experts have is when a roof is 20-years-old, it is time to consider replacing it. If your roof is under 20, but not brand new, issues are to be expected because over time, roofs deteriorate. Common issues include missing, cracked or bent shingles, water leaking in through your highest level of the house to the roof, gutters that are cracked or sagging, or cracks in the roof’s flashing. The flashing is the part of the roof that seals it on corners, such as around a chimney. For leaks, the pro’s will inspect the highest level of your house. On the inside, look for water spots on the ceiling or even walls. If there are, it’s a tell-tale sign you have a leak.

Maintenance and DIY Tips

If your home is younger than 20 years old and you feel there isn’t extensive wear and tear or damage, if you feel comfortable, there are some DIY tasks you can do yourself. First, if you aren’t already, make sure you have an inspection of your roof once or twice per year. Take the time to clean out the gutters and brush off any debris from your roof. Sitting dirt, leaves and debris can attract insects and water over time and can become problematic. It is best to always allow the professionals to manage the roof itself, so don’t attempt to try to replace shingles - avoid actually climbing onto your roof, and stay in a safe place while assessing any potential damage.

When to Call the Professionals on Roof Repair

If your roof is over 20 years old, or there are serious issues with your roof, it is best to let the professionals handle your situation. They have the tools, resources and experience to safely fix or replace your roof. When working with a local roofer to fix your roof, you can work with them to get an estimate and the list of damages. From there, you can file an insurance claim to see if it will cover the damages. You can contact them no matter how old the home is, it is always good to see how you can save up front or put your insurance to use.
For a more in-depth look into what you should be checking for each year for your roof, read Your Bi-Annual Roofing Maintenance Checklist from Your Colorado Springs Roofer. To see if your roof needs repairs or replacement, K1 Roofing and Restoration can help. Call us at 303-953-8275.