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Different Types of Gutters Explained by Your Colorado Springs Roofer

June 14, 2017

Gutters play an important role to your home’s overall well-being. Therefore, it is important your gutters are in great shape and do the work that’s needed to direct the flow of water away from your home. As we head into the summer months, take some time to make sure your gutters are in ideal condition and consider replacing them if needed. Learn more about the purpose of gutters, different types, and overall gutter maintenance tips from your Colorado Springs roofer.

Purpose of Gutters

When rain piles up around the foundation of the home or along certain surfaces, it can create problems in the overall structure. Also, if there are any leaks in the foundation and/or if your home has a basement, water that collects in the area can seep in. These are some of the potential problems that highlight why gutters are so important. They make sure to direct the flow of water away from the base of your home to protect its overall foundation. Water falling in and around your home can lead to structural issues, and it can diminish overall quality. Over time water damage can deteriorate and/or discolor bricks or siding. Also, if your home has sidewalks or a patio, gutters will keep rainwater that hits your roof away from some of these beloved areas of your lawn.

Types of Gutters (Seamless Aluminum, Copper, Steel)

When it comes to gutters, did you know there are different types? Each has their unique benefits, allowing you to find ones that work best for you and coordinate with the color of your home. One of the most popular types of gutters are aluminum. One of the top features of aluminum is that it does not rust. When investing in lower gauge aluminum, you will be at ease knowing you have a heavy-duty gutter. Aluminum gutters can also be seamless so there is never leakage. Another great type of gutter to consider is steel. In most cases these are ideal for commercial roofs as they are larger in width and handle heavy duty amounts of water. If you have a large home or own your own business, steel gutters may be a great option for you to handle the larger amount of water. Last, if you have an older or historical home, copper gutters are a great addition. Like aluminum, they too do not rust. They also do a great job at standing up to the elements all year long. Plus, they are a different color that can add to the character of your home.  

Gutter Maintenance Tips

The key to gutters is making sure they are always clean. Any time debris or twigs pile up in gutters, it can deter proper water flow. When this happens, water may fall in areas it shouldn’t and it can lead to the bowing or breaking of gutters. Make sure you monitor your gutters and do periodical checks a few times a year to see if you need to remove any items that could be collecting. Make sure to read DIY’s Tips for Cleaning and Repairing Gutters for more.
When it comes to your rain gutter service needs, K1 Roofing and Restoration can help. We will help educate you on the importance of gutters, assist with maintenance and help you find the perfect set if you are ready to replace. To see how we can help you, call us at 303-953-8275.