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Importance of Roof Ventilation and the Need for Roof Repair in Denver

June 7, 2017

Proper roof ventilation is imperative to the overall well being of a house. If your house does not properly ventilate, you can open the doors for many problems down the road. If you are unsure if your roof is in proper shape, it is important to speak with a company about roof repair in Denver. From a quick overview of proper ventilation and damage to look for when inspecting a roof to utilizing roofers for help, learn about roofing to keep yours in shape.

Quick Overview of Ventilation

Is your home drafty? Is it hard to keep at temperature throughout the year? This could be the sign of improper ventilation in your home. Proper ventilation will help hot air move out of your home through the highest floor in the warmer months. For winters, proper insulation and ventilation will keep warm air in helping to make sure any snow or ice that accumulates on the roof does not melt and create issues down the road.

Types of Ventilation

When it comes to vents, there are a few different types. One of the most common types are ridge vents. These are surrounded by shingles and allows for hot air that rises to the top of the home a way out.  Gable end vents are another common type of ventilation. The gable is the triangle shape created by a roof coming together. It is a screen form of ventilation that helps to maintain temperature in the home. For an in-depth look into ventilation, read HomeTips’ Types of Ventilation Systems.

Damage to Look for When Inspecting

The attic is the main place to find damage that there is damage to home ventilation. One of the key warning signs is the temperature in your home. If your utility bills are high or you can’t maintain temperature, it is important to have the roof and ventilation inspected. Mold is also common when there is not proper ventilation, which can be harmful to all of those that live in the home. You may also notice an issue if air seems to be trapped in your attic that is significantly different than the rest of your home. Be sure to periodically check the interior of your home, specifically ceilings and walls, for water stains. This could be a sign of ventilation or roof damage. It is urgent to fix these as soon as possible.

Utilizing Roofers for Help

If you suspect you have ventilation issues or roof damage to your home, a local roofer can help. They will be able to quickly assess your situation and find a way to fix the issue. You can contact your insurance company to see if the damage that has been done will be covered by insurance.

If you are looking for a vendor that can handle your ventilation or roofing needs, you can trust the experts at K1 Roofing. As a professional licensed and insured roofer that serves the Front Range of Colorado, you can trust we can fix your problem which can help you stay protected from mold, damage and reduce your overall utility bills. Make sure you follow our spring maintenance checklist for roofing in Colorado Springs. For help with your roof, contact K1 Roofing and Restoration today.