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Tips for Choosing Reputable Companies from Your Denver Roofers

May 10, 2017

If your heating or cooling goes out, you have electrical issues or a potential leak in your roof, you will need to contact a contractor to review and fix the issue. In that moment, your top priority is getting the issue fixed, but did you realize that by hiring a company that does low quality work, you could be looking at a more expensive fix in time? Often, unestablished or inexperienced companies with poor reviews can damage other areas of your home. Learn the downsides to unverified services, how to choose a reputable company, and how to deal with insurance claims from roofing companies in Denver.

The Downsides to Less Reputable Companies

When you aren’t working with an established contractor to fix issues in your home, they may actually be making things worse. For instance, you may have a trade that needs to get on your roof and inspect issues, and they unknowingly put holes in your roof leading to a leak. If not fixed right away, this issue will grow progressively worse over time. Either way at this point, you will have to contact a reputable roofer to fix the leak. Next, you could find a company that does not respect your home. If you have contractors coming in with muddy or dirty shoes on, it can greatly hurt your flooring. The mud and dirt can stain your carpet. If you have wood flooring, certain individuals may not wipe their shoes before coming in which could lead to particles catching on your shoes and ruining the wood.

Choosing a Reputable Company

So how do you choose a reputable company to care for your new home? Do your research on companies. Do they have high ratings? How long have they been in business? What services do they offer? How is their customer service? As you contact around for a contractor, you can get a gauge for each of these aspects in a phone conversation. When trying to find someone to call, look at what experiences others in the area have had. However, when reading reviews, do note that people find it easier to leave bad reviews over good ones. As you read, know that just because there isn’t a great review on a place does not mean they are a bad company. However, a quality contractor will fix any issues they may have caused and will avoid hurting other areas of your home. For instance, some could create problems in your roof, hurt your structure or more. Aim to find companies that have not done this when you need to make repairs.

Dealing with Insurance Claims

A great contractor can help walk you through what you need for insurance claims. Insurance can be an intimidating feat for property owners. When you need to involve your insurance company in fixes, talk to the contractor and see how they can help you through the process. A great company will be well versed and can walk you through each step of the way.

For more tips on finding a great trade, read the Federal Trade Commission’s Hiring a Contractor. When it comes to finding a great contractor that you can trust to handle your needs, K1 Roofing and Restoration can fix or replace your roof plus handle siding, gutters and windows too. Learn more about our roofing and restoration services in Denver and contact us at 303-953-8275 to get started.