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Benefits of Skylights Additions to Your Front Range Roofing

April 19, 2017

For many looking to enhance the overall aesthetic of your home, do something unique to give your space an edge - skylights are a great way to achieve something custom. As you explore this option, learn more about what skylights are, their benefits and overall reasons to use natural light from your local Front Range roofing company.

What are skylights?

Skylights are windows that are on the highest floor of your home that have been cut into your roof. It is a great way to add in natural light during the day or to see the stars at night. Given their placement, they can add more light than normal windows on the sides of your home. Skylights are available in a few different types. For instance, you can install fixed ones that just provide the natural light or ones that open, allowing you to let in light and air. There are even models that can open to an extent to help you or others in the event you need to evacuate from that opening. As you work with a roofer on installing your skylights, be sure to ask them where the best place will be to let light in but not be overbearing in the room you choose to put it in.


When choosing skylights for your home, you will love the natural light that filters into the space. In addition, by using natural light, you can allow the sun to help you save on energy costs. In fact, when choosing energy efficient skylights, you could save on monthly heating and cooling costs, as well as your utilities, given you will be using electricity in your home much less, potentially. One addition you can make to your skylights to make them more efficient is glazing. This will help with solar heat to help even out temperatures. Read more about the benefits and elements of this type of window by visiting’s Skylights article.

Reasons to use natural light

In addition to the energy savings skylights provide, overall using natural light has many other benefits as well. For many, they say that natural light helps them focus on tasks or create a more relaxing environment. But it also has many positive benefits to your health. How? Certain elements take in that light and it helps to boost one’s immune system and keep your circadian rhythm in check. This will help you maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Natural light also helps to give you Vitamin D, that you need, if you don’t get outside often. Last, natural light is also great for the plants in your home. So, if you are one to have many plants in a living room or around the house, adding skylights can help your plants too.

As you choose to add skylights to your home, also make sure your windows are efficient too. Learn about the top reasons to have a Colorado Springs roofer install new windows. To get started on this program, contact K1 Roofing and Restoration. We can help you with more than just roofing solutions to help you enhance your home to the style you love.