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Spring Outdoor Entertaining Ideas from Your Colorado Springs Roofer

March 29, 2017

Now that the weather is beginning to get warmer, we will be able to spend quality time outdoors. Whether you are wanting to relax or host a party for your friends, the backyard is a great place to make memories. From a spring BBQ to enjoying time around a firepit to creating your own outdoor oasis, try some of these entertaining ideas this spring from your Colorado Springs roofer.

Spring Kickoff BBQ

What better way is there to kick off spring than a good old fashioned BBQ? Even if your backyard isn’t large, you can still accommodate many of your family and friends in the space. First, create a menu with foods everyone will love. This can include hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, pulled pork, wings, smoked chicken and more. For sides, include fan favorites such as baked beans, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, cole slaw and potato chips. Last, don’t forget desserts. For a variety of ideas, check out 75 Best Desserts to Bring to a BBQ. If you prefer not to do all the cooking, make it a potluck! For entertainment, set out corn hole boards, tables, chairs and other activities. Make sure you have a couple tables to arrange food, and make your table a double-sided buffet to keep the line moving.

Firepit Fun

What’s more relaxing than spending your cool Denver nights in front of a fire? Firepits are a great way to kick back, relax and enjoy the outdoors. As you assemble your backyard arrangement, you can find a firepit that fits the size of your yard. Next, make sure you have chairs that go around it in a circle. This will help keep everyone being able to participate in the conversation. For some, it is great to invite friends over and enjoy beverages alongside the fire. For others, you can make hot dogs or even s’mores! Invite friends or family over to have a night enjoying the fire and disconnecting from electronics.

Creating Your Oasis

If you are starting from scratch to build your backyard, or if you want to upgrade your current setup, there is much you can do. First, look at areas in your yard where you can create separate spaces, such as a firepit or garden area. Next, if you enjoy cooking outside, make sure you section off a BBQ station. This can be as simple as a grill on some pavers or an outdoor cooking station. Another great addition to your backyard oasis is a pool or hot tub if you have the space. You can line the edges with pavers that complement the design. Last, consider comfy outdoor furniture that you would love to spend time relaxing in.

As you work to update your backyard, it is also important to make sure your roof is properly working. If it needs repair or replacement, make sure to contact an experienced Colorado Springs roofing company. Learn if you should repair or replace your Colorado Springs roof and let K1 Roofing & Restoration help. Give us a call at (303) 953-8275 today to get started.